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VIDEO : CNC machining | THE MAC

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// This video is from THE MAC : pedals project involving the manufacture.

// Later on in the project’s development, the program was expanded for the robot to flip the part around to drill the pedal spindle’s deep hole down the middle of the work-piece.


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Big, Flat, Light, Strong…THE MAC

Last year 2014, the RAVEN pedals have become recognized as the benchmark for flat pedal performance. For 2015 we took our technology design and redefined it.



Here’s how it’s even more attractive than before:

  1. LARGER PLATFORM AREA = Width 108 / length 101 (mm) THE MAC offers 10% more surface area than the classic shape. This means better grip and also support for rougher conditions and bigger hits.
  2. LOWER PROFILE = At just 10mm deep THE MAC is as slim as we could go whilst still retaining our legendary concave feel.
  3. LIGHTER WEIGHT = 187g per pedal.
  4. CHAMFERED SIDE EDGES = For Improved Cornering Clearance.
  5. TOOL SIDE = Locknut moves to crank side, easier to replace and clean-looking.


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(product reference :





Photo // Ben Liao

Editor // Bing Su