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The Puriel is unique by his design and its concept.


150mm with multi high quality “bushing linkages” (dust free) for an easier maintenance
and weight saving.
His oversize headtube and its 12mm rear axle make this frame stiff and easy to handle.
Two options for the rear shock: Spring shock for rider who want to ride some Freeride and
an air shock for the rider who want to perform in all mountain races or in long down hill
single track…
This unique design AL7005 T6 frame for riders who want unique sensations…

Weight : 3500gr

Size : S, M

Color : White, Black

macmahone-frame-pluriel-b-black macmahone-frame-pluriel-b-white macmahone-frame-pluriel-s-black macmahone-frame-pluriel-s-white PLURIEL COMPLETE BIKE

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