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Nemesis FR


180mm travel for freeride and fun on the trails.


The front stiffness of NEMESIS FR. (heatube’s stiffness) provides an idea about the NEMESIS FR’s handling in corners or when braking. The more stiff and the more stable NEMESIS FR. is in the two situations.

The Stiffness-to-Weight (STW) ratio shows how appropriate is NEMESIS FR. for a person depending on its weight.

“A too stiff frame is UNCOMFORTABLE.” On the other hand, if it is to flexible, it leads to low power transfer. Instead of using the pedaling power to push forward the bike, much of the energy is wasted due to the lateral movement of certain parts, such as the bottom bracket. The best frame is the one that offers the optimal STW ratio. But achieving this feature is not easy. Usually, the stiffer the frame, the bigger the weight, and the lower the weight, the higher the flexibility.


Weight : 3800gr

One size : 395mm

Color : White

macmahone-frame-nemesis fr-white NEMESIS FR white COMPLETE BIKE

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macmahone-nemesis fr-geometry