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Make the best choice with The MAC !


The MAC : designed to prevent the top causes of bearing damage which lead not to lost cycling performance. – Mac Mahone found out to get Tool side moved to crank side, not only to avoid water into the pedals but also it’s easier to replace.


Use a 10mm thin – Massive Platform 108 X 101 (mm) and each pedal features 22 menacing looking pins to keep your feet firmly in place. Chamfered leading side edges to give more clearance and reduce the chance of damage from pedal strikes. If you wish for more secure feeling on your feet felt firmly planted, even in the roughest and muddiest conditions. And so…



Material : 6066 aluminum alloy

Weight : 187g

Adjustable Pins : 22 ( per pedal )

Platform : width 108 / length 101 (mm)

Boby sides : Chamfered Side Edges

Color : Black, Blue, Gold, Green, Orange, Red

macmahone-THE MAC-Black macmahone-THE MAC-Blue macmahone-THE MAC-Gold macmahone-THE MAC Green C macmahone-THE MAC-Purple  macmahone-THE MAC-Orange macmahone-THE MAC-Red



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