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Quick fix

Core Remover


  EASY to remove the end for Schrader Core. Removable Presta Core and Knurled for grip. Fits between spokes for quick and easy core removal. CNC machined. 6061-T6 made. Anodized finish with laser etched logo. Color: Anodized orange      



  dispenses tire sealant with total accuracy, eliminating concerns over under-dosing or over-dosing. Includes schrader valve core remover        

Presta Valves


  36 mm Presta Valve Stem with removable valve for easier adding directly a small amount of Sealant in the space between Tire & Rim, and quick inflation. Two-Piece Design, the bore of the hole in the rim through which the stem passes can be smaller, and be able to extend length of narrow diameter. Fits Most Tubeless Wheels / Rims….

Rim Tape


  To improve the shape of the strip making inflation easier. Comes with package. Macmahone Rim Tape 22 mm x 11 M. Macmahone Rim Tape 22 mm x 50 M. Macmahone Rim Tape 25 mm x 11 M. Macmahone Rim Tape 25 mm x 50 M. Macmahone Rim Tape 22 mm x 11 M.  …

Tire Sealant


  4-Non Eco Life Non-Ammonia Non-Toxic Non-Corrosive Non-Hazardous    INFLATOR & SEALER • Superior Puncture Sealing and Air Retention. • Provides All-Weather Protection. • Instantly Seals 1/4 inch punctures. • Easily forms a long-lasting plug. • Cleans up with water. TIRE SEALANT Resistance Low Temperature -4°F /-20°C 1000ml/ bottle    

Valve Adapter


  Allows schrader Rims to safely acommodate smaller presta valves. Package Contents : 10 Pcs.